Wrote this entry while in Goa.. but due to limited net access, couldnt blog this then…

Watched Masoom today after ages… It is inspired from the book “Man, Woman and Child” by Erich Segal. The movie (Have watched it a zillion times before) still did not fail to rekindle all those emotions in me… Some of the scenes of the movie have been shot so well, your heart goes out for the characters, so much so that you want to sit next to them and extend a helping hand.

There is this one particular scene, in which Shabana Azmi goes near the kid (Jugal Hansraj) and covers him with a blanket… the next moment she sees the photograph of his biological mother and the woman in her starts picturing the other woman with her husband… The whole sequence beautifully depicts all the emotional extremities that she goes through from being a caring to a jealous woman. The transition is so realistic and earthly. The movie doesnt depict Shabana as a super-woman who has forgiven her husband for having an illegitimate child with another woman. She is never able to forgive her husband, but at the same time, cant stand the plight of the kid whose mother is no more and whose father cant call him his son.

Each and every character of the movie is very well etched and so believable. You find yourself going through all those emotions they go through. The extreme jealousy, to helplessness, to anger, to piousness… they have all been depicted very well..