This one again was written after a trip to the Palolim beach in Goa….

Went to Palolim beach today… the place was heavenly… Had been to many beaches of Goa in the last trip around, but this one was simply spell binding… The crowd there was mostly firangs with surf boards and what not… They were the ones enjoying themselves the most…

All the fun people were having around me tempted me a lot to at least take a dip or two in the soothing, welcoming sea… but i had to keep reminding myself that m married to Mr Cold-n-cough and our relationship is only growing stronger by the day.. (Ok! A bad attempt at PJing!!) 😛 Cant deny how much i regret missing out on so much… 😦 I was a mere spectator… For the first time realised what those people must go through, who are bound by some form of constraint or another. How it must feel to see your favorite mithai and not being able to eat it coz of Diabetes… Well… yeah! It sucked!

Amidst all the internal fights over “to-dip-or-not-to-dip”, noticed one of the most beautiful sights in the trip so far. There was a man, not very tall, medium built, an Indian looking guy sitting near the shore, on the sand, with a baby sitting in the front. The baby must have been not more than 5-6 months old and was an absolute delight to watch. The toddler was part hanging, part sitting on the sea shore with his dad’s support, dilligently digging his tiny little hands in the sand and playing with it. He seemed to be imitating his father who was sitting right behind him. The doting father was sitting at such a distance from the sea that the waves would come to where they were sitting, just touch the little one’s feet and silently go back. The kid was enjoying himself so much, that he would wait for the waves to come to him and then leap over and try to hold them back.

The whole place was filled with his giggles and innocent laughter. He, I decided, was probably the only person on the whole beach who knew what pure unadulterated fun was. 😀 His idea of fun revolved around such simple things and yet, derived so much pleasure out of it.

In a way, the kid’s attempt to hold the waves back kind of reminded me how we treat happiness in our lives. We wait for them, keep waiting patiently and when they come, we dont want them to go back. We keep hoping they will stay perfectly knowing that they have to go back, simply because they are due to come back again.

Cheers! 🙂