Well… I am… staying in a matchbox that is… 😦

Yes, thats exactly how anyone would describe my room in the PG I am currently put up in Bangalore… It is so stuffy, I have actually begun to realise how a matchstick would feel inside the matchbox… stuffed with a dozen others, it would always feel lost in the crowd… somehow at a loss of identity… Fortunately in my case, the feeling of identity crisis isnt there, or should i say at least non-existent at the moment…

The three matchsticks currently in the matchbox are Vaishno, Aparna and Moi. One matchstick (Aparna) left for diwali last night.. and guess what? For the first time after shifting… Vaishno and I actually bolted the door of our room before retiring to bed!! 😀 It was a triumphant moment… Yipppieeeee… Both of us felt a sense of victory 😀

Do I need to add anything more about the matchbox now??? :O