Puneet aka Pu is one of my closest friends and an avid blogger for what seems like ages now (for all u know, he probably has been blogging since he was what five!!! 😉 ) Ever since he had started blogging, I was probably the one to complain the max… 🙂 and I had all reasons to…

I would send him a mail saying “Hey Pu, whats up?” And he would get back saying check out http://puneetsarda.blogspot.com Gawd!!! I used to find that so damn irritating and told him that in more ways than one… I would feel, it kinda did not have the personal touch, and i did not want to find out whats going on in one of my best friend’s life through a blog!!!! 

This made me all the more indifferent to the blogging mania spreading throughout the world… I simply ignored it… coz i hated it so much… I hated it to the extent that i thought it was responsible for taking my friend away from me 😦

Now that I think about it, all that was so kiddish!! Blogging is a brilliant way to reach the masses, to hear and be heard… and in my myopic view, i ignored it completely!

Not anymore!! 🙂

I am onto blogging big time now 😀 and Pu, I dedicate this post to u!!!! 😀