They say when girls go shopping together, its diwali time for the shopkeepers… 😀 Now I know exactly what they meant… Vaishno and I went diwali shopping last evening… Due to some confusion, we could start only by 8:30 PM… much to our disappointment as we knew our scope would get restricted due to shortage of time in our hands…. and we may not be able to buy as much as we had initially planned!!That was when we surprised ourselves completely!!! 😀 And wow! Was that an understatement … we not only ended up buying in record time but also much more than was planned initially…

Seriously we were underestimating our shopping prowess totally!!… hehehe 😀

We shopped for an hour non-stop, the time spent on bargaining with the shopkeepers and moving through the crowd also included. By 9:30, we had with us 1 Ganesh-Lakshmi idol, 1 Lamp, 9 pairs of earrings, 5 hand bags, 3 suit pieces, 8 kurtis, one pair of boots, 2 belts and 2 pairs of payals 😀 😀

It was euphoric… And the best part was we managed to get some great bargains and that made it even better… 😀 We did some massive and great shopping in so less a time… for all u know we could have made it to the limca book of records for being fastest shoppers 😉 Our euphoria did not die away so soon… In fact we ended the whole triumphant journey by running behind two buses to get back home 😉

All in all, a Great day and a great ending 😀