Its my diwali gift!!!

Yes, going to my home Goa tonight… Cant quite express my elation 😀 I have been waiting for this day for weeks now… It will be after soooooo long that the entire family is going to be together 😀 Mom and dad are there, sis has flown down from Ahmedabad and I will be joining them tomorrow morning… 😀 Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! 😀

Now comes the sad part.. m gonna be there for ONLY 2 days… will leave Sunday night to be back at work on monday morning… Its gonna be back breaking.. (Bus trip both ways) But m willing to take it if that means spending time with my family… 😀

You can probably be the richest person on earth with everything u desire and you could probably be the most famous, but the kind of warmth and feeling of togetherness that one feels with their family is unmatchable and can not be replaced by ANYTHING!!!!!

Amen to that!