Lunch served at covansys is such a delectable delight… I decided to write a blog exclusively on the food we get here for lunch 😀 

We have 2 different counters for Veggies and the Non-Veggies!

About the vegetarian food, it’s a different cuisine daily, sometimes we have the North Indian types which include paratha, pulao, chane ki daal (Yummmm!!!! :D) aur saath me lazeezdar soup… and sometimes we have the South Indian variety with rava idli, rassam, delicious sambhar and a variety of other items…

The soup here is soooo good, that Balaji, one of my fellow interns here goes bonkers over them. At least a dozen times during the meal, he will comment on how very good the soup is.. 😀

And the extent to which we all wait for the lunch time can be judged by the reactions of Kamal (another fellow intern), who you can see getting restless by the minute, 11:30 AM onwards and the moment the clock ticks 12:30, he is at your desk…. 🙂

Not surprisingly, most of the times, we are the first ones to reach the canteen!! 😛