Year: 2006

Released on 22 September, 2006, Dor starring Shreyas Talpade as a con-man, Ayesha Takia as Meera and Gul Panag as Zeenat, is another gem in director Nagesh Kukunoor’s kitty.

The movie is about the plight of widows of Rajasthan, and one such young woman’s flight to freedom. The theme was extremely sensitive, as it talks about age-old social stigma of our society and the treatment of women as a whole, the social status they used to enjoy and the atrocities they had to bear for committing probably the only crime of their lives – Of being born as a woman! It takes only a director like Nagesh to treat such a subject with so much sensitivity and care.

Even though the subject has a lot of scope for high profile drama, women shrieking their lungs out and men engaging themselves in mindless brawls, the beauty of the movie lies in the fact that it is very very subtle…. Absolutely no nonsensical drama…. which is what makes it extremely effective. The pain and the agony was depicted in a very subtle, yet powerful way… In a way, which made your heart feel the pain.

Story in a snapshot: Zeenat(Gul) and Meera(Ayesha) are two incredibly different women living in different worlds. Their husbands stay together in Saudi. Due to some mishap, Shankar(Meera’s husband) dies and the blame comes on Aamir(Zeenat’s husband). Now the only thing that can save Aamir is if Meera signs a maafinama. So, now Zeenat leaves in search for Meera. The story is about how she finds her and how she is able to get the maafinama signed.

The story is simple. The beauty is in the way it has been depicted. The credit for the same  completely goes to Nagesh, for having depicted the relationship between the two women so skillfully.

In the last scene, when Meera runs to give the maafinama to Zeenat, the exchange of emotions between the two ladies is shown so effectively, that you feel their pain and agony. 

Given the subject of the movie, the performances are, to say the least, Exceptional.

Ayesha: To be frank, I did not expect much from Ayesha Takia, who had everyone spell bound by her portrayal of a young chirpy girl who is bound by the constraints of a conservative family. She was very impressive in almost all the scenes.

Shreyas: This man is here to stay…. after his splendid performance in Iqbal, the ease with which he managed a comic role shows what a brilliant actor he is. He can get into the skin of any role with ease and get out of it with equal elan. The guy’s comic timing was marvellous. He was the only shining ray in the otherwise serious plot. His mimicry of the various actors kept the audience in splits throughout.

Gul: Another splendid performance. She managed the most effective scenes with such ease. She is proving herself to be a commendable performer in parallel cinema.

To sum it all up, An out ‘n out brilliant movie!

A must see!!! 🙂