After 3 weeks of internship, have a feeling of finally made a mark here at Covansys!! 😀

Initially, we were asked what was different in Great Lakes… Well.. there are a couple of things, but what sets us apart from the rest is that Great Lakes is building Ethically strong managers, who have their hearts in the right place (which is the need of the hour by the way… ) by its emphasis on Philosophy and Karma… (Yep, we have a full fledged course on Philosophy which runs for two terms 🙂 ) and a course on Business & Society which talks primarily about Corporate Social Responsibility

After hearing this, our Manager wanted us to take a course on “Role of Ethics in Business” for the managers. Quite a task, I must say… Considering the fact that Ethics, as a subject, is difficult to handle and it is very easy, if we are not careful, to tread into dirty waters… And that we were to face a highly intelligent and sharp audience, probably some of the best brains of Covansys.

This presentation was, of course, apart from our project work, which obviously couldnt be sacrificed in anyway. So, we used to spend the week doing our project work and then weekends, working on the presentation on Ethics. It took us hours of brain storming to gather all our thoughts and our learnings from the courses to come up with a structure with which the Managers could identify.

The presentation went on for over an hour today morning, and it was Fabulous! We were very good with our presentation and the best part was that we could field the questions that came our way very well and cite good examples to prove the same. In the end, our Delivery head commented that it was a good presentation and that we had handled a difficult subject very well. He commended us on the effort we had put in. 😀

All that hard work paid off 😀 But, what made us even more glad was the fact that we kept the Great Lakes name riding high 🙂