After almost a month, it feels absolutely GREAT to be back to college. 😀

For a month now, was in Bangalore for Fall Internship. Initially when it was announced, we were thrilled – welcoming it as a good, well deserved change. But, when it was time to actually leave, the realisation struck! It meant not staying 19 hours at a stretch in college… it meant not fighting with security to keep Lake Superior open… it meant not seeing bright, warm, friendly faces around… it meant not having endless masti and fun, which had become part of our coll lives… it meant not being each other’s constant support during those endless hours of studying together and preparing for never-ending exams… It felt empty!!

The one month we were far off, certainly helped further deepen the roots we share with Great Lakes. It made us realise how much we missed it, every part of it… For a week or so, it was difficult to realise that for a month, it was going to be only work and no classes…. The one month that followed was certainly was hectic and we felt hard-pressed for time, but we also enjoyed… yet missed Great Lakes… 

The wait is over…!!

While entering the college campus today, I had this nostalgic feeling which had gripped me throughout my stay at Bangalore (for internship)…. I felt like I was back home…. Greeted everyone with a Biggggggg Hiii and a bigger smile on the face 😀 Almost everyone looked so happy to be back… 🙂 It was a great feeling!!! It would be an injustice to even think of describing it 🙂

Currently, I am sitting in huddle…. and as I write this, I have a huge smile on my face… Rupal just left to make kadhi chawal at home 😀