All our lives, we keep having this irrepressible urge to justify every action we take, every word we speak and sometimes even every morsel we put in our mouth… Why! I ask… Why do we always have to keep proving ourselves to the crowd… Why cant we be what we want to be and not what we want the world to see us as…!!! Is it because we want to be accepted?? Possibly yes…  

But Is that what we are living for? Sometimes i believe, you need to keep justifying because of lack of communication on either your part or the other one concerned… But, then again, Why does communication between two people suffer? Is only the language (or the lack of it) to be blamed for the same??? Not always… sometimes, we want to hear something and we thus condition our minds (or ears) into hearing something that we want to hear and in the process miss out on what was actually spoken… Even then, the root of loads of misery still remains… the need to justify!!  

And I guess, As long as there is human subjectivity and as long as we continue to be “social” animals… This need will remain!!