Year: 2006

I was due to watch Umrao Jaan (which btw i was very looking forward to…) on a sunday morning 10:20 AM show. Not only that, I thought it would be a good way to meet a couple of friends, who simply refused to watch the movie (Lucky them!!!), but heartily agreed to come and meet me at the theatre… As luck would have had it, I overslept and reached the hall a full 40 mins late… 😦 Others, who were supposed to watch the movie with me, were in the hall already watching the movie, but for one kind soul, who decided to wait for me… 🙂

After reaching there, we decided, it would be better to just sit in Transit and chat… After a good 2 hours, interval was announced, and we decided to watch the rest of the movie to see wat it had to offer… I can vouch for something here… Not going for the first half was probably the best decision I made that day 😐 and going for the second half, probably the worst… 😦 The story of Umrao Jaan was not what we wanted to see, but it was the treatment of another classic, that made us go in after the interval. One more thing became clear, my friends who were watching movie from the start, shared no different opinion than mine… so watching movie half way, actually helped! (It reduced the torture :D)

One more experience I had that day while watching the last never-ending-30 mins of the movie…. The audience was increasingly getting impatient by the endless string of songs and the story which absolutely refused to move an inch further… I had never even once experienced such open expression of disgust and despair… 😦 The audience started walking out of the theatre when we had a good another 30 mins to bear… We were the only mighty warriors who stayed till the end 😀

After coming out of the theatre that day, I had decided I would not write its review…. I had too much respect for JP Dutta and Abhi to be able to do that… But, then what am I doing here? Stumbled across an excellent review and couldnt help sharing the same…

Enjoy the review guys… 😀

Cheers 😀