In the hurry that we lead our lives in, how many times do we actually think of old buddies we couldnt stay away from? Not that we dont want to, they still remain dear to us. But, the fact that we dont see them everyday, does kind of take them out of our minds. No matter how good friends you are, distance always comes in between.

The hustle bustle of everyday lives always wins! While we are running from morning to evening, trying to make a life, there is a lot we leave behind. And no matter how much you hate it… it starts by the frequency of calls reducing from a couple of days a week to once in a couple of weeks… finally reducing to courtesy calls on birthdays and anniversaries! 🙂

And then, as lives get busier, friends are not always there went you need them… which is when you tend to find emotional support elsewhere… Exactly when you start making new friends! After all, Life is all about moving on 🙂

So, Does out of sight, mean out of mind? I say YES!

What do you think?