Was going through random blogs when came across this one…

What typically hit me about the blog was the lucidity with which the author has expressed her views on rape. Would like to quote one para from her blog

Rape is never, ever, ever, the victim’s fault. No matter where she is. No matter what she is wearing. No matter how drunk she is. No matter where she is walking. No matter what time it was. No matter who she has slept with. No matter how she is talking. No matter how she is acting. No matter her age. No matter if she has taken a self-defense class. No matter if she is a sex worker. No matter what race she is. No matter if she fought back or did not fight back. No matter if she screamed or not. No matter if she carried mace or not. No matter if she was on a date. No matter if she was sleeping in her bed. No matter if she left her window open. No matter if her door was unlocked. No matter if she is married to her rapist. No matter if she has slept with her rapist before. No matter. It is never, ever, EVER, the victim’s fault.

And I completely agree with what she has written! I think Rape should be an unpardonable offense… some thing for which even capital punishment is NOTHING!! And there is no damn thing in this world which can justify this crime!