Its hard to believe but the news is true… Tanaaz-Bakhtiyaar are out of Nach Baliye 2…. But, they mostly got voted out because of lack of audience votes (Hussain-Tina and Yash-Gouri being favorites in this regards)… Why I say this is that they are probably the only couple.. (mind you, in NB1 and NB2) to have gotten the centum score of 30 in most of their performances… (Whew!!)

This happened to the couple, who along with their choreographer managed to impress (And throughly at that!) the likes of Saroj Khan, Mallaika Arora Khan and Kunal Kohli… !!!

I am not implying here that Hussain-Tina and Yash-Gouri are not good… they certainly are… but they have not given as many stellar performances as Tanaaz-Bakhtiyar… But, I guess this is another one of those STUPID game shows where the STUPID, IRRATIONAL, IDIOTIC audience decides who wins!! And I am one of them. Like Manav said when he got eliminated “It is not a talent show… It is an audience-bound show jisme audience votes matter”… They probably matter more than your talent does… Like the classic example of Hiten-Gauri… I have never seen worse dancers in my life… who kept getting selected in the suraksha chakra simply because they have near-fanatic-but-insanely-stupid fans who do not understand the difference between “acting” and “dancing”!!!!

God Put some brains into us rationale-starved people!!!

Source: http://forum.indya.com/showthread.php?t=12635&page=2 (I know it is not completely reliable… 🙂 But, what the hell… some day they r going to be shown the door!!)