Wo lamhe 

Year: 2006

This is the tag-line of the movie “Woh Lamhe”

I happened to watch the movie yesterday and I have to admit, I was really moved by the story, the performances, the music… everything!! Even Kangana’s abysmal dialogue delivery did not prevent me from enjoying the movie thoroughly…

For those uninitiated, the movie is “supposedly” the story of Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi. This by the way is confession by the man himself… I heard him say on a TV show that “Uski barbadi me hi meri abadi thi” which means “My success was in her destruction”… And so true!!

The movie starts with a famous film actress Sana Azim (Kangana) and how a wanna-be director Aditya (Shiney Ahuja) tries to get her attention and gets her to do his film. He succeeds in doing this but in the process, falls insanely in love with her. She also loves him but is suffering from a mental disorder which makes her believe that a girl called rani actually exists in this world and is trying to kill her, where as there is no such person at all…. a clear case of hallucination.

The movie brings out the agony of a film actress who has been reduced to a “show-piece” by not just her “well-wishers” in the industry, but also her own mother… The scene where Aditya tells mother of Sana that you are the first mother in this world, who is happily giving away her daughter to be raped… The scene was portrayed in a very powerful way…

Everything is going fine but for the fact that Sana’s mother is a selfish woman and treats sana as her money-spinner more than her daughter… everyone is now behind sana and want to admit her into a mental hospital… Aditya is the only one who doesnt want this. So, he kidnaps her and brings her to his friend’s place, where both of them can stay in peace. He treats her with utmost love and care and the way Aditya handles a mentally-sick-and-potentially-dangerous sana has been depicted with a lot of senstivity and emotion. Those scenes make ur heart crinch!! Finally she stabs him once and gets scared of her own self.. following which she runs away and tries to kill herself… In the end, she dies leaving him all alone!

The movie is extremely intense and immensely powerful. The dialogues are excellent.. Performances are just what you would expect from a movie like this – Exceptional! Shiney Ahuja establishes himself, yet another time, as an accomplished actor… Kangana acts really well, but she has to do something about her dialogue delivery! All supporting actors also do a decent job. The music is excellent, very soul stirring and very well placed in the movie… they come in at just the right moment!!!

All in all, a great watch!! 😀

Do check it out, if you have some time to spare!

[PS Just read here, that Mahesh bhatt has made one more movie on the life of Parveen Babi… a 1982 movie called Arth]