It’s been pending for a long time now… 🙂

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you throw in a Computer Engineer from UP, a Chemical Engineer from AP and a Commerce Graduate from Rajasthan (who btw speaks better Tamil than a lot of Tamilians around 😉 ) together?? The result is a tiny, little, cute apartment on the 3rd floor of a building near the college campus… The place which is our haven for this one year…

It is the classic case of opposites attract. When we decided to stay together, none of us were sure of how long we would be able to manage… We were very different people from completely different backgrounds! Sheer Luck brought us all together… And I must confess that I would have been a very different person and would have missed out on a LOT had luck not thrown us together in this house!!

You girls are now an indelible part of my life… We started as just roomies and have grown together to be at a stage where we don’t just share the house, we share each other’s sorrows and happiness… We have reached a stage where we know that no matter what, we are always there for each other… The innumerable days we spent here studying, cooking, grocery-shopping, cleaning and even gossiping (he he) will always remain eternal in my heart!!

Thank you for making my stay here at Great Lakes all the more memorable and enjoyable! 😀

[More on the girls coming soon 😉 ]