Off late, everyone who has seen Dhoom 2, has been raving on how beautifully hrithik “dances” in the movie!! I believe if he has not been able to woo audiences as a successful actor, his dancing skills are pretty much to be blamed for that. In every movie, ad or show that Hrithik does, all the people involved in marketing him want to concentrate on what he does the best – Dance!

Which is why, no matter what movie he does (they could be as disparate in genre as Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Mission Kashmir), the directors find a way to make him swirl and swing…!! This, in my view, not only reduces the impact of the movie, but also kind of reduces the impact of his performance… Whats worse! Sometimes his dances look so stereotyped… you want to scream and tell him, “Hrithik, Please stop dancing! We want to see u act!!”

But, then again… Can you really blame him for that?? Naaah!! It is such a pity that such an abundance of talent has become such a handicap!!

Sometimes I think, he would have been much better had he not been that good a dancer!!

What do you think? {You are most welcome to join the ongoing debate 😉 }