Ok, Ill make my stand clear first!! I was NOT the part of the course. I DID NOT attend any classes. I am writing this blog solely after seeing my fellow batch-mates’ responses to the course. And I solemnly agree that I am one of those chosen “buffaloes” who for time immemorial have been making the wrong choices again and again!! Someone Wake me up please!!

There had to be something absolutely enchanting in a course which makes the 32 people who have taken it, all crazy and nuts about it. So much so that my conversations with these people got reduced only to LIP (which, btw stands for Leadership, Influence and Power)…

And what makes it all the more endearing? – it is our very own Professor Venkata Krishnan!! He is the life of the course! It would be more appropriate to say that the students are crazier about him than about the course! 🙂

More on LIP, after I get some more information from some of the LIPians, I manage to pataofy using Jalebis 😉

Having said that, I did have the fortune of attending professor’s Philosophy class… A blog on it coming soon 😉