Had a class today at morning 6:30 AM!! – Pretty much an unearthly time to start a class, specially since 90% of the Great Lakes junta belongs to the nocturnal kind…!! What was more irritating was the fact that the class called “International Entrepreneurship” was an elective… but the first 4 lectures were compulsory for all!! 😦

Certain things are imbibed in us and cant be changed.. so, just like always we slept at around 4 to wake up at 6 and then rush for the class… You can imagine our plight!! 😐 We were cursing anything and everything under the sun for that! Anyways, with frowns on our faces, we took our places and forced ourselves to get ready for the lecture!!

But, getting up early in the morning was made worthwhile by the professor and the course. Our professor Mr. Ashok Vasudevan was an absolute delight! 😀 His charming persona and humorous disposition kept us enchanted throughout…!! What delighted us even more, was a quote from the professor I would like to put here – “The course that I am going to teach here has never been taught in any B-School ever! I have especially designed the course for Great Lakes with a help of a few professors from Harvard

And then the magic began! I am not at a liberty to divulge the information shared during the first session that we had today, but all I can say is that It was amazingly informative and “one of a kind”! 🙂

As I write this now, I want to really kick myself for not having taken this subject as an elective! But, then you lose some and you win some! All I would like to add is that for this lecture, I dont mind coming even at 5 in the morn 😀