Off late, Great Lakes has seen a susbtantial increase in the number of bloggers…most of them using the medium as means to vent out stress!! This definitely brought out hidden talents in a lot of people and we could see blogs being flooded with poetry! 😀

Some of the famous poets of Great Lakes are:

Punit Vasu: This calm and quiet lad from the city of nawabs, Lucknow, has definitely made his mark as one of the top notch poets of our batch… His poems reveal the intensely romantic person that he is… Way to go dude! Quite a way to woo girls 😉

Nitin Prabhakar: Fondly known as Onida… the latest addition to the list of bloggers… 🙂 Is already giving some of the seasoned bloggers a run for their money 😉

Gaurav Singhvi: A CA turned writer… His writings carry an innocent charm 🙂 He is new to this field, but is showing a great potential!! 😀

Akshat Pushp: A dashing young man from Bareilly… Great Lakes very own answer to Angry young man!! {When it comes to certain people… Ahem! 😉 } This steely body has a soft heart capable of loving unconditionally… Wathc him talk his heart out in his poetries 🙂

Check the blog entries people!!

You will not repent 🙂