Samir Nair, COO, Star TV, has announced that Shahrukh Khan will replace Big B in the TV show that spearheaded the concept of reality TV shows.

Samir Nair attributes this startling change of guard to the original host’s busy schedules. “We pursued Mr Bachchan for months. But he didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic. In the meantime we acquired KBC rights in the season-format for years whereby we had to have the show on air for 52 episodes every year, or our rights lapsed . We just had to take a call. In the light of Mr Bachchan’s response we had no choice but to think of someone else who was capable of taking on the mantle.”

Tell him it’s hard to take on the Big B’s mantle, and SRK laughs, “I think Shah Rukh will do a fantastic job. He’ll bring his own unique charm to the show. Like Mr Bachchan, Shah Rukh is smart and bright. We all remember the celebrity episode on KBC which he did. It was one of our best episodes. He brought his own encyclopedia, did his research and almost won the crore. He’ll bring a new spin to the show.”

Shah Rukh is apparently very kicked by the game show. Says Samir, “We were in talks from early November. In 2003 when KBC broke and there was talk that Mr Bachchan might not do it, we had approached Shah Rukh. But nothing came of it. This time when we spoke to him in October he gave us dates immediately in January. It was our good fortune, good planning. We start telecast in mid-Jan, four times a week.”

Will this work!!?? I would say NO. SRK has his own charm but he is very very different from Big B in every sense… I, for one, am not ok with seeing SRK instead of Big B.

Are you???