Krish Srikkanth, Cricketer and Commentator, was a keynote speaker at the CEO Conclave organised as a part of L’Attitude 13′ 05 at Great Lakes. 

He recounted his cricket playing days and particularly the 1983 world cup victory for getting his message of success to the people gathered there. The passion and emotion in his voice when he talked about the victory, stirred the hearts of one and all.

A mesmerising communicator that he is, he showed us the management lessons from his own life as a cricketer. He said “Admit who you are.. and what you are! Dont shy away from that! I know that I am not as talented as Sachin or Kapil. So, I will not even try to be like them. But I know who I am, and in my own space, I will try to be the best. Set up realistic targets and work like crazy to achieve them”

He emphasised the power of a leader!! And recalled an incident of the world cup which had made a leader into a super leader – Yes! It had turned Kapil into a super leader…

He  shared “Yes, we were that confident that we won’t last until the quarter finals, that the World Cup was just a trip for us en route to the US”

He then shared “Well our first game was against the West Indies, two time winner of the World Cup with names like Gordon Greenidge, Desmond Haynes, Viv Richards, Jeff Dujon, Clive Lloyd, Gus Logie and those four fast bowlers whose names I don’t want to remember!”

“Kapil addressed the team meeting and said, boys, we have beaten the West Indies once in the tour we had before this and we can beat them again today. I told myself, this guy has gone bonkers. Beat the West Indies? That’s not possible. But Kapil is an aggressive guy, he was insistent …chhodna nahin, he told us. And that team meeting is what made us believe in ourselves. People say we became a champion side after we won the world cup, but no, we became a champion side after that team meeting. Only Kapil Dev was responsible for that achievement, he made us believe we could do it

“We played all our roles and Kapil led from the front. Remember that match against Zimbabwe when we were 17 for 5. Any other captain would have buckled under and played safe. Not Kapil. He only knew one way to play. By being aggro”

The other points he shared was to take a decision based on your heart instead of your head. “People will mock you. Chandu Borde was the manager when I sent Chetan Sharma to be a pinch hitter at number 3 against England and he was livid. But Chetu scored 105 ! That was because I had to take a decision and I knew I could ask him to score a quickfire 20-25 at more than a ball. I couldn’t ask Dilip or Mohinder to do that. Cricket is a team sport, as a captain you have to take decisions . The brain will only give you options, but your heart takes the decision”

Talking about self growth he told people “Listen to what your heart tells you to be. That is eventually what you will be. ”

His entire speech was highly motivating and inspirational… Great Lakers took back home a lot of lessons after listening to the maestro talk!!!