Watched a 45-min video on Walmart as a part of IT & Strategy class yesterday… the result?

Had a heated up discussion in the same class today… About Walmart – Is it good for America?… There were 4 teams for and against this… Though it led to a near-bloodshed in the class (people were fighting their case as if they owned Walmart…most of us had not even stepped into one… 😉 ), We got to learn a lot about Walmart… In almost every class we have, Walmart’s name crops up all the time.. But never before had the discussion been so intense…

In the video yesterday, it was shown how Rubbermaid suffered and met its doom, largely owing to Walmart… It s quite evident that the Retail Giant exploits its workforce and suppliers alike to give the customer “the lowest price ever”!!! In the case of Rubbermaid, they were doing very well, but when the raw materials prices increased, they pleaded to Walmart to increase the price to cover up for the increase in cost… But Walmart wouldnt budge!! They outrightly rejected!! After today’s discussion, this aspect became more apparent… Even by the end of the discussion, there were equal number of Walmart supporters and non-supporters…

With statistics flying in the air, it became evident that Walmart clearly exploits its people… and squeezes it suppliers…. And yet, a lot of my friends here thought that this is the way business is done… Whatever happened to the “good” side of doing business… anyways!! It was a good discussion… 🙂

By the way, No points for guessing, which side I was on 😉