It couldnt have come at a worse time… The news of the engagement of Abhishek and Aishwarya

Its been long since I have been thinking of bringing this topic up, but somehow… something deep inside told me Abhishek is too smart for this, and I did not want to believe the news for the love of my life… 😦 I kept thinking the news of their being together is unfounded and that Abhi wouldnt fall for the b****!! But, I was wrong… I wish God would put more sense in the guys…!!!

It is really tough to decide at this point of time, what i closer to my heart – The love I have for Abhishek or the Hatred I have for Aishwarya… hmm…. I guess the love rules…!! 😦

Well… what can I say, Here’s wishing the couple a good life ahead!!! 😦

[PS I couldnt convince myself to put up a picture of both of them… It would have been too much to bear!!!]