What do you do when you are feeling terrible and terribly want to talk…..

…. talk your heart out… Sometimes, you know that there is no solution, but you still want to talk to someone!!

You know that your friends are going to be around and that they will be available anytime to talk with you…. But still… It is not the same! You lose your emotional independence the day you find someone who is so like you, thinks like you do… goes through the same pain you do… Since, you know what it is worth, you try to be around whenever you are wanted… but is it justified to expect the same in turn???!! Guess not! People have their own wishes and needs at different points of time….

However, At this point of time, I am only irritated… very very irritated…. not with anyone but myself, for having given people the right to make me so emotionally dependent!

Want to get out of this… And m sure I will…


Have been through the emotional dependence part before… and mark my words… “It sucks!”

And why am I writing all this here?? Well… maybe I wanted to talk to someone about this too and couldnt….