Birthdays turn out beautiful in their own ways… Mine was special in a zillion ways thanks to the good wishes and blessings of my beloved family and friends… but what added to the charm was a call at 10 in the night by my sweet, adorable bhanja Lucky… He actually spent hours writing a poem for me… 🙂

Here it goes…

Mausi, I thought to gift u somthing and spend some time,
then i thought ki y don’t i try a rhyme.

To god i send a small prayer,
May u get all the laughter
and joy beyond compare.

Just like whenever u Blink around,
may all yur good times multiply
and happiness abound.

May u rock in campus placement,
and once again make all of us proud.
Hey don’t u worry,HE who’ll be permanent,
Nana-nani will surely find him more sexy than extra tall Abhishekh.

May u keep flying free from all bounds,
and one day nestle upon the clouds.
But don’t forget to “neha” even then,
i mean ki remember to love or to rain.

“I m sure there is no achievement on earth which u can not do”.
and BRAVO to me as i finally wrote one for u.