Year: 2007 

As promised, M back with my review on Guru…

Guru, released on , a movie by Mani Ratnam, is touted to be loosely based on the life of the Late Dhirubhai Ambani.

Being a Mani Ratnam movie, the movie is technically excellent. Good locale, Good songs, Good performances, Good direction… Even the story is good… What disturbs me is the end! All said and done… you expect better from a director like Mani sir. The movie moves with an ease and you enjoy the turns and the twists… Even the courtroom scene reminds you of a scene from the movie “Wallstreet” with Michael Douglas…. Abhishek Bachchan renders a splendid performance… does every bit of the justice to the role!! Aishwarya Rai is average in the role as Gurubhai’s wife… Frankly, the role did not need an Aishwarya Rai to take it forward… Any other actress could have fitted in as well… Other character artists do the much needed support to carry the movie forward!

Vidya Balan shines in the small and insignificant role. Even though the movie could have done without her character, she brings a much needed freshness to the scenes! Madhavan is again rocking!!!

Arya Babbar can not act for the love of his life… In the simplest of scenes, he is so inadequate… U want to go upto him and tell him “Dude, This is not your cup of tea!!! Try an alternative career!”

Mithun Da’s character portrayal of a Gandhi think-alike in the movie is the show stealer!! Makes u sit in awe of the persona and moral strenght of the character! Mithun da simply makes you gape in awe with his stupendous performance!! {Thank you Soham for reminding me to put this… dont know how missed it the first time around!}

As far as the songs go, Songs like Barso re and Tere Bina are an absolute delight to hear… When I first heard Tere Bina and saw the teaser, I couldnt wait to watch the song on the big screen. But, I must confess, I was deeply dissatisfied with the choreography of the song. The steps are average and the beats not utilised completely. When the song ends, you can think of a dozen points where the choreography could have been improved!! The same logic is the case of the song Barso Re, The song is a classic gujarati folk dance, with garba beats. The choreographer put in some decent garba steps on which Aishwarya gyrates, all alone!! So, you see one person on the screen doing garba, which looks, to say the least, ridiculous!!

Somehow at the end of the movie, I felt deceived! After having watched and admired movies like Roja, Bombay, and the likes… the movies which carried a social message across, such an end was the last thing i xpected! An end which glorified Gurubhai’s greed for money! An end which subtly indicated, go mess with the system and still enjoy the love of the masses… An end which indicated utter disregard for the legal system… An end which which glorifies crimes such as corruption!!

I do understand that the junta goes to the movie theatres to be entertained! Ever thought about a ten year old kid who wishes to be like Abhishek Bachchan someday and epitomises the characters he plays in every movie?? What kind of impact would such a movie have on the mind of such a toddler! He would grow up thinking “It is ok to bribe people!”, “It is ok to think of only earning money”, “It is ok to bypass the system all the time!”

Do we want that?? NO!!!