How many times have we heard people say “If you love a person, let them go. If they come back, they are yours, else they never were!”? Umpteen number of times i guess and it seems like a logical thing to say when you trying to nurse a broken heart (either yours or someone else’s)!!

How many times have we thought of this in context of a pair already in a relationship!??? How many times have we suffered and pained ourselves simply because we wanted the other person to do something which they did not! And how many of those times, we felt stupid after knowing the real reason!! There is no end to this I guess…. We keep expecting and keep getting hurt in turn! All this arises coz we are so damn attached to the person concerned!!

The point here is that great saints like Swami Vivekananda said again and again about the importance of non-attachment… and what real love is all about!! We do appreciate it when we hear about it.. After all, it does make a lot of sense! But, to what extent are we actually able to follow it!? All we ever want to do or try to do is to HOLD onto love! Ensure that we dont lose it! And what does it result into? More and more pain! Coz the fact is: No matter how much you try, you can NEVER cage love… you have to let it fly!!

I believe we will cease to be humans the day this realisation strikes us and we start following this!!