The thought just struck me… and It struck real hard!

What happens to all those “friends” (assuming they from opposite sex… or well…whatever) who cross the line of friendship to explore the next logical step of love? Considering such a hypothetical situation, let us say, A and B are great friends, maybe even the best of friends, and one day, they decide to explore chances of extending their existing riendship to love.

Now, if things work out, they get married and live happily ever after!

But, what if things dont work (For whatever God Forsaken reason)??? Is it easy to go down that extra step that was taken and get back to being “normal” friends? Is it easy to erase all that was written on the slate and start afresh as mere friends and nothing else!??? Or does crossing the line means NEVER again coming back?? A friendship lost forever!??

Dont know the answers to these… M still wondering… 🙂