Recently, in an attack on Samjhauta Express, 66 innocent people lost their lives to a bomb blast. The sad part is that most of the victims who died were from our neighbouring nation, Pakistan.

Samjhauta Express was started as a gesture of goodwill and cooperation between the war-hungry neighbouring nations, India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan are akin to two kids of the same mother, who cant see eye to eye. Not just that, they are thirsty for each other’s blood.

The situation has remained almost the same right from the inception of the separate nations! The sad part is that, even after almost 60 years of being separate, the nations continue to be bitter enemies!

The result: The civilians of both nations, specially those who happen to live on the border, live in perennial fear of some attack or the other! We have no idea, when we leave for the office in the morning, if we will see our families at the end of the day. Now, this may sound rhetoric to some, but the fact remains that our own brothers and sisters living near the borders, have to live with this reality and as usual go on with their lives! Having stayed in cities like Jammu and  Ahmedabad (for the uninitiated, both the locations are famous for terrorist attacks), I can imagine how it feels!

Now, the million dollar question is: Will this ever stop!? 😐