At 2 AM in the morning, we were worrying about a Simulation Modeling class that very morning at 830. We were supposed to be graded on the kind of questions we would ask… whew! That was more killing!! 😦 That was when Gayathri messaged “Neha, Exactly two more months to go 😦 ” I kept staring at my mobile for a few seconds… It took a while to sink in…. Kisine sahi kaha hai, you can keep talking on abstract levels forever, but when it comes down to numbers, the impact is huge! This is exactly how I felt…

We all felt the same after receiving a mail from Uncle Bala which stated the date of our convocation and the luminaries who r going to be a part of our ceremony!! 😐

Life is moving so fast… We may soon be on our way out of Great Lakes… And this life would then, be just a distant dream! A dream we all saw together on 19th April, 2006! The dream would soon conclude, throwing us on different paths in search of life…! Most of the people I have met here, had no idea, they would get so close to soooo many people in a short span of a year, with our minds occupied by tons and tons of assignments, exams, blah blah blah! 😦

Get Ready Crusaders! To start imagining a life out of Great Lakes!