The popularity of orkut is growing everyday by leaps and bounds!! I remember when I had started accessing orkut (or in orkut user’s parlance – orkutting) some 3 odd years ago, I thought it was some kind of a spam for a longgggg time… So much so that I registered onto orkut only after repeated requests from some dear friends, who had become quite a fan by then.

Even after having started orkutting and realising the kind of immense spread it had, I was wary of putting in a photograph, until much recently when I gave in to the idea… Much to the surprise of a lot of my close friends, who thought I would never ever do it 🙂 A logic which actually appealed to me was from a friend who said “When I log onto orkut, and see a lot of my friends’ smiling faces, it gives me a kind of relief that they are doing good wherever they are in whatever part of the world” Now thats nice 🙂

Orkut has this thing of becoming an addiction, long before u know it. And I am one such victim, along with a million others!! So, all is well with orkut, being able to stay in touch with long lost friends… And finding out whats going on in their lives… These days, there is hardly anyone who isnt connected through orkut… so its all well intended… !

Now coming to the dirty part!

Receiving friend requests from “Anonymous” users who want “to become friendship” with you, can get as irritating as anything else! Over and beyond that, when all start scrapping you to say “hi” and “how are you? Can I know you!”, you really dont want any of that. There was a point of time, when a friend commented, that my scrap book looked like “a teenage dating site” and it really did…! It used to be quite an effort to search for genuine scraps from friends from a sea of “Hi How are you?.i would like to have friendship with you.”, “Waz up ther?”, “helllo how ru……”!!!

Somehow things seem to be improving these days…. Lets see for how long it continues 🙂