Getting into a Nostalgic mode now… What got me into the mode was a simple decision making process on what should I have for a nick name on my blog! The first thought that came to my mind was “Nova” 🙂

Now for the story behind Nova….

I was all of 11… all excited about life, with words like Sadness and Fear pretty much non-existent 🙂 I was also a very exuberant kid who wanted to be there everywhere… I loved experimenting and wanted to be a part of every single thing going on in school {whew!} One fine day, it was announced that we would have a local director come up and build up a team for a 2 hour play to be showcased as a separate festival. The play, titled “Oh! What fools these mortals be!” was about 2 fairies who came down to earth to realise that a lot of humans are vain and beyond salvation. It was like another exciting opportunity.  🙂

The best part of the whole experience was the professional way in which it was conducted – started with auditions, where in nominations were called in and people were selected by the director himself. I was one of those fortunate ones to have made it. Whats more? I was chosen to play the role of one of the fairies! The other girl selected was a senior and a dear friend.

We used to have hours and hours of rehearsals daily – another exciting new experience was to work on nuances of delivering a dialogue, which involved working on the diction, pitch, pace, and so on… To add to it all, there was a dress designer, who came up with pretty pink and lavender dresses for the fairies with wings, wands and the works 😀 (I chose to wear the lavender dress.. which is when I developed an affinity for the color I guess… 😉 )

So, here was my first, full-fledged play on the stage! And I so loved the experience… 😀 hmm… Now, that i think about it… I guess m the happiest when on the stage… The kind of adrenalin rush you get, is beyond compare! 🙂

Did I mention, the fairy I played was called “Nova” in the play!? 😉