A while ago, had this rather interesting conversation with a friend. It was on our views, on whether, possessiveness and independence are possible in a single human being, who isnt suffering from some mental ailment. His point of contention being “Does it necessarily mean that if you do not like to be bounded, then you do not like binding others also. That would be too rational, don’t you think?”

Now, I share an altogether different line of thinking in this matter. I always felt terms like “being possessive” and “fiercely independent” were mutually exclusive and that you couldnt be possessive and independent at the same time. Possessiveness, in my opinion, is an act by which we try binding people/things to ourselves and if you are independent, you would HATE being bounded by anyone and everyone. So, a person who loves his independence, would know how wretched it feels to be bounded by anyone. Would such a person then go and bind someone else? I mean, whatever happened to the “Do unto others what you would be done unto”!!? I do not see myself feeling “possessive” about someone and at the same time, being “fiercely independent” or “Feeling claustrophic everytime someone gets possessive about me”. That, in my opinion, is an act of supreme self-indulgence where in all a person thinks of is himself… the other person involved has little or no importance at all. It is indeed such a convenient way of eating your cake and having it too. A blessing indeed for many I guess.

What do you think?