When I had read the book Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon some 7-8 years ago, it was near impossible to believe that split personalities could exist. The way it was depicted in the book was so surreal… you couldnt believe it even if you wanted to. My curiosity soon got better of me and i started reading more on Split personalities… Without boring u with senseless details, Bottom line is: IT DOES EXIST!

Off late, have met someone I think suffers from the same. He is one person sometimes and a very different person the other times. Now, I am aware that these things can be attributed to mood swings. But, how often do people be someone really really nice and caring and turn into the alter ego suddenly, thereby becoming someone so different… u start wonderin if you do know the person at all! To put it succintly, the person is two contrasting characters… And he switches roles often…. One day, you are very important… While on another day, who-the-hell-are-you attitude… This makes you wonder, since it is the same person giving mixed reactions…. Is there anyway it can be handled!? What part should be taken at face value and what should be considered rubbish?

Any ideas?