To all those addicted to a yet-another-idiot-box (which unfortunately finds place much closer to you, at the arm’s lenght or worse on your lap), How many times do you find yourself chatting online with the person sitting right next to you!? How many times do you prefer sending a mail than walking up to the person and talking to him? How many times do you prefer spending time with your laptop than go out and enjoy the cool breeze!!?

So, by now you know where you stand!  🙂

Unfortunately, easy access to the world with everything available just a click away has indeed made world a smaller place. But, has that reduced the personal touch? I remember writing a letter instead of an e-mail to my bro on Rakhi. Not only did I feel great after having written the letter, but so did he after reading it. Guess, we are missing out on the simple pleasures personal contacts provided. The twinkle of the eye with the smile can unfortunately not still be captured by the “:)” smiley!  😦

I would say, internet, being what it is, is highly prone to addiction! Beware of it! Do find time to spend with your friends, hang out, play a favorite sport, dance to a favorite tune, have a heart-to-heart conversation, a quiet walk by the beach… You can NOT replicate these pleasures virtually… for all you know, you would inadvertently miss out on the simple pleasures these are…. 🙂

Meanwhile, IIT seems to have realised this and are taking some measures to increase personal socialising! Read the article here