Who says you can write poems only if you have a strong command over the language… To write poems, and sweet ones at that, u just need a heart! Language is a mere medium!

I have a dear friend here who has recently started learning hindi (his mother tongue being telugu).. But, the effort he puts in is stupendous! Not just that, he also tries to write poems in Hindi… Way to go Kitty! 🙂

Check one out…

Hum roz uthe ek achcha sa neend se,

Aur sochte hain kahaani jaisa chalta tha hamara khwab mein

Phir wapas bistar par aur thoda soch ke,

Jaagte hi lagta hai yeh zindagi kya bey!

Hai na kamaal ke hamare pyare Kitty! 🙂