I always find the stories of war heroes and warriors very amusing. They are the classic material “heroes” are made of – fearless, courageous, protective, at the same time gentlemanly. There are heroes, and there are super-heroes, just as there are warriors, and super-warriors. These elite of the elite hold a place in history in the Hall of the Immortals, bridging the gap between mortal man and superman, between mortal man and the Gods. Some seem to change the course of history almost single-handedly; while for others it may be a display of courage, poised between myth and destiny, of which legends are made.

One such legend, which remains a model of heroism for White people everywhere, was the great battle at Thermopylae, which took place in the year 480 BC. The man of the hour was Leonidas of Sparta, a selfless warrior-hero, a strategist king and fearless commander. To read more on him check the source.

The movie 300 is based on his story…. Check it out…

Source: http://library.flawlesslogic.com/leonidas.htm