In trying to juggle with all the various responsibilities that the life has to offer, we tend to forget our fore-most responsibility – that as a human being!

Thanks to some organizations like World Vision, this job becomes far easier! You can sponsor a child! All you are required to do is to just make a monthly payment of 600/-. To make things simpler, you just need to give your credit card number and the amount would be deducted every month. This amount would be then used to meet the basic educational needs of the child. In fact, world vision will also send you the photograph and location of the child. You can monitor his/her progress by visiting the place some time. So, you know that your money is being put to good use!

Isn’t it amusing that such a measly contribution from our side can actually CHANGE someone’s life!?

Think about it. Visit World Vision at

SPONSOR A CHILD! – Make a Difference! J


[PS. I am not advocating World Vision for any reason other than the fact that I had been involved with them for over two years. Hence, am aware of the way they function!]