Had one of those soul-stirring conversations with KrupA… one of those “heart to heart” talks types… Somehow, almost every conversation with her is insightful in some sense or another 🙂

We somehow got around to discussing soul mates. Now, a soul-mate is someone with whom u do not need to speak… things are simply understood… there is no place for words…! You understand each other so well that there is no scope for any kind of “mis-understanding”… the hearts talk… the eyes speak…

Now, the interesting part here is that we somehow assume that the soul-mate has to be a person of the opposite sex…. And he/she has to be someone you can live with for the rest of your life.

Nothing could be farther from the truth! Your soul-mate could be a dear friend, she could be your mother, your brother or for that matter a stranger you came across on the road! It may sound weird, but sometimes soul mates may not be good life partners and good life partners may not be soul mates….

Soul mates should have a different position in our lives… They shouldnt be interlinked with the various other relationships we may have… Let them enjoy a separate status… Let them be an experience, a relationship you can cherish… and maintain… And most importantly, Thank God for sending someone along who can understand you so well… 🙂