This post is dedicated to the most powerful person I have met till date – Yes! M talking about our very own Professor Venkat… He has this magic over all his students… They simply r ALL in awe of him!!! The fact being – u may hate him, or u may love him… But u certainly cant ignore him….!! 🙂 He has this aura around him!

This one year at Great Lakes has been a lot of pain and a lot of fun.. and a LOT of credit for that goes to him 😉

Here is to you sir! 🙂

Some of the famous quotes from professor’s class of LIP and Philosophy

“A leader keeps repeating stuff.. at one point you will stop hearing.. thats when you have risen..”

“There is nothing right or wrong in this world. People who think they have to do things correctly are politically naive”

“What’s wrong in giving jalebees to faculty?? That’s how you get your A’s and B’S.”

“Human beings are not rational beings..they are rationalising beings…”

“If you think something is wrong ,and everyone except you in this world think it is right.. Then its RIGHT……what you think does not matter in this world..what matters most is what others think……”

“IF ur dharma requires you to kill, just close ur eyes and kill”

“If it is written on your face that you are gullible, I am going to fool you only !!”

“If you are unable to answer the questions in the exam, don’t go on saying that the paper was difficult. Just think how good the question paper was – inspite of reading, you were not able to answer !!”