Ever found urself fuming at something which was so trivial it made you laugh later….? Ever found urself at the brink of rage for something which would normally not even catch your attention!?

Its strange the way human mind works… U get so involved meddling with the trivialities of life, you fail to see the bigger picture… And the more u try to bottle up emotions within u, the more is the chance of u errupting with rage sooner or later! And not just that, stress (both emotional and physical) tends to keep u on the edge all the while…. so much so that, u r soon reduced to a walking bunch of wires, loosely connected and waiting to burst open at the next possible trigger!

I guess one of the major take-aways from an MBA course is this… U r on the edge all the while, dangling between assignments, never-ending classes, projects, exams and what not… That makes u aware and more conscious of ur own self and ur way of handling stress… A powerful lesson must say!