Hmmm… Yap! Thats exactly the name of the gang at Great Lakes, comprising of 5 bright young men, who one fine day came up with the bright idea of “not-shaving” for 20 days… The gang (like any other) started off as a gang of 7 men, two out of which dropped out, due to reasons unknown! 😉

Now, you can spot these good looking men, in a not-very-good-looking bearded form, roaming the lanes of Great Lakes! But, who cares!? They are getting more and more popular these days with the new bearded look… and the branding being done for the same! 😉

Ladies and Gentlemen, heres presenting THE BEARD GANG (or BEARDOCRATS, as they call themselves)!!!

Parag Kulkarni










Manik Kinra










Sitashwa Srivastava 










Manan Sharma 










Nitin Prabhakar 










And now comes the most interesting part… This is what some of the GIRLS have to say about THE BEARD GANG!

Roopa: For the past 10 ten days my eyes have suffered inexplainable amount of pain seeing this beard gang!! I mean, they all look like they have ran off from the nazi concentration camp, add the sleepiness due to the inumerable amount of night hrs they spend of watching movies – what you see in the morning class is a Bhoot 🙂 – I might be forced to disown them if they continue looking like this!!
Manik – looks like a typical hindi filmi hero madly searching for a girl 🙂
Parag – Kale pe kala 🙂
Sitashwa – Bin Laden’s last brother
Nitin – looks like a pagal who escaped from the pagal khana 😉
Manan- pehle se patient tha, ab to poocho mat 😛

Lakshana: They r indeed looking very very weird 😐

Rupal: Theek thaak!! Kuch khaas farak nahi padta…

Pinku: I think they look nice… Good try 🙂

Lavanya: They r not looking good at all!!

Gayathri: Are you guys trying to ape Prof Venkat Krishnan! Alas!!! He looks damn good… you guys look yuck!

Vaishno: They r looking extremely uncivilised!!!

Shipra: Baaki sab to theek thaak hi hain… Manan to khair waise bhi aise hi ghumta hai… Lekin Manik sach me bahut ganda lag raha hai…

Saranya: What have they done to themselves? Not looking nice AT ALL!

Vasu: Havent observed the rest so carefully, but ya Nitin looking adorably cuteeeee….. very very veryyyy cuteeeeee… Nitin, Never ever shave!!! 😉

Well… well… So, now you guys know the verdict!!!! 😉

What say!?