How many evenings did u spend sulking coz you were expecting a call from the love of your life… a call which never came!? How many hours did u spend brooding over why someone said what they did!? How many days did you wonder why a faithful friend disappointed you by doing something unexpected!? How many times were you appalled, angry or even hurt because things did not happen the way you had expected them to!? This creature, which goes by the name Expectation  is certainly the root cause of most of our miseries! Undoubtedly, it has caused us a lot of pain!!!

Usually we talk about expectation where we r on the receiving end! However, I decided to look at it from a different point of view… A situation wherein YOU have been responsible to make someone wait…??? to disappoint someone….??? to hurt someone…???? simply because you did not do what was expected of you! What does one do in a situation like this!? This could be looked at from two different angles –

  1. To prevent the damage – to ensure u dont inadvertently hurt anyone (or at least those who matter)

  2. U are aware that the damange is done, now what!?

In the first case, what you can do is be a little more sensitive to the other person’s thoughts and feelings. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes may help a bit here…. This will certainly go a long way in ensuring that you dont give wrong signals to the other person involved.

In the second case, however, the best way would be to talk! Yap… Talk it out… It may lead to some bitter erruptions, but you will finally end up achieving what you want….But, if the person concerned is close and special, u better have a damn good reason for hurting him/her in the first place!

And an even better way to avoid hurting anybody because of u-not-meeting-expectation would be to make sure you make your stand clear from day one! So that, there is no scope for “misunderstanding”… In short, just try to steer clear of the i-thought-i-meant-more-to-u syndrome!!!