[Source: www.mythforlife.com]

U think u have been a good daughter/son, a good wife/husband and a good friend…. U keep striving to be the best in whatever u do… U think u have done a decent job.. at least to the best of ur abilities…. Playing ur part well…. Being there for the stakeholders in your life (people who matter) and being there when they really need u….

The world around u comes crashing down when u discover the reality. Yes! It stings! The reality does! When someone who was ur world, comes and tells u that u have been A BAD FRIEND, A BAD DAUGHTER or A BAD WIFE! There is a piercing pain that rips your heart and you wonder if your life has served any purpose at all…. It certainly has not touched people in the way u had wanted to. Suddenly, your very existence seems inconsequential…. rather trivial and worthless!

When this happens, u feel lost! U feel numb! U suddenly feel stripped of all the feelings and emotions u had! U feel like a cheater, a tormentor… All that u had never wanted to be!

Is there a way out!? M clueless…