This blog is dedicated to the Crusaders, Class of 2007, Great Lakes! 

Suddenly, you wish there were 72 hours in a day… Suddenly, you wish this was not a one-year course… Suddenly, you wish you were all placed in the same company in the same city… Suddenly, you wish you had known the people you loved and admired, a little earlier than you did… Suddenly, you wish life did not move so fast… Suddenly, you wish you could rewind life and bring it to the first outbound you had… Suddenly, you wish you could make time stop!

Yes! This is how all of us feel at the moment… As a dear friend put it “Aaj kal, udaseen sa mahaul hai har taraf“, which means “These days u find it depressing everywhere”

Exactly a week to go before we graduate, throw out hats into the air, and move out of Great Lakes…. FOREVER!

Well… who has ever been able to stop time… You cant! I cant! All we can do is look back and be glad for all that happened!

M gonna miss u all crusaders! I really will!

Thanks for being my support system, my pillars, my life this one year!