Imagine yourself to be a part of a system (shouldnt be difficult, since all of us are… part of one system or another). Now, whether we like it or we dont, whether we accept it or we dont, all systems have their own loop-holes and flaws.

There are times when things go on smoothly, probably even better than what you had expected… However, there are also times when things dont go your way… and worse, things seem “unfair”! In times like the latter, the true personality and characteristic of people come to the fore. People generally tend to react in three different ways. They may chose to ignore the problem altogether as if it did not exist; They may chose to rebel and see to it that things are smoothened out; Or, they may chose to crib about the whole issue and do nothing about it.

Of all the categories mentioned, I have an absolute intolerance for people belonging to the third category – the ones who crib! It is such a pity! When it comes to being part of the system, a lot of people simply ignore the fact that they ARE the system! Them and the system are not separate entities… System is because they are! Not vice-versa!! This is still better…  At least these people can be brought back on line with a little counselling…

There is also another category which definitely deserves a mention, but the people belonging to this category must be steered clear of! This category comprises of people who not only crib about their own system, they also are on the outlook for the first chance to ditch the system and leave it in the lurch! Such people, I must say, are incorrigible!

All I would say is, If you are a part of the system, treat it your own! Guard it loyally! And if you think its bad, do something about it. Afterall, we do not cut our arm and throw it away, if it gets injured, do we!?