Indian idol

What price does one pay to become rich, famous, a celebrity!??? Hmm… not sure! But, one thing is true… There are millions of talented bright youngsters throughout the country, trying their best to woo the judge trio of Anu Malek (ya, ya, he was Malik before… He calls to call himself that nw), Alisha Chinai and Udit Narayan – to get a call to Bombay, which will then decide the future course for their fate!

Have been an ardent Indian Idol fan for almost two years now and everytime I can, I like to keep myself updated on the current happenings in the Indian Idol scene! I have always been a supporter of the concept and firmly believe that such a platform could do wonders for the really talented! Now, considering the fact that India is a country of the immensely talented, obviously the job of the judges is very tough and I bet, even stressful!

But, what I noticed in the last two episodes of Indian Idol disappointed me! A lot! If you think a candidate is not good, or not upto the mark, you can always humbly point that out and tell them politely “Better luck next time”. Does, being behind that ornately dressed table, give the judges the right to ridicule participants!? And that too, in a jeering manner, in front of the camera? In front of the entire country!? Is this the way you treat someone who has dared to come in front of the camera with a plethora of dreams in his/her eyes to make it big!? I dont think so! After all, not all of us are equally talented, and not all of us are equally lucky!!

Anyways, despite the more-than-obvious contemptous judges (Anu Malek in particular), people are beelining the venue of selection in thousands! So, I guess, u do pay a price! Or rather are willing to pay a price in hope of stardom!

Good luck all wannabe-Indian Idols!!

And Anu Malek, here is a pointer for you… You could really do with some small dose of humility! You arent exactly Tansen, you see!!!!