Year: 2007

Another one from the Yashraj banner… Off late, there movies had been so bad (remember the Uday chopra, Tanissha one – I cant even recall the name now)… So, despite the promos looking good, I decided to simply ignore the movie! And since, I had no intention whatsoever of watching the movie, this blog also comes in a little later than a review should.. Apologies for the same! So getting back to the topic, It was just by chance that I ended up watching it and guess what!? It simply bowled me over! The simplicity with which the movie drives home a strong point, is one of a kind! The concept may have been cliche, the acting average, the songs below-average, but the movie still manages to strike a cord… 

First of all, the movie keeps u on the edge throughout so it has enough drama to keep it going, except ofc during the songs, when it takes u all ur effort to not run away from the theatre. And then, it reminds you of the Russel Crowe starrer Cindrella Man. The director has very sensitively handled the concept that no two days in a person’s life are the same. If there r joys, there are sorrows too. The making of a superstar, the arrogance and irresponsibility that comes along with it, and then the subsequent downfall, the trauma the family goes through and how they come out of it. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when RV and his family move into a grumpy old apartment, the reaction of the kids and the way the couple (RV and Pooja) convince the kids to stay. Its very sweet and cutely shot! 🙂 The kids are adorable and Rani and Saif do a decent job…

The movie reaffirms the adage “No one in this world is indispensable. Stardom is momentary”. 

So, people, you never know the turn life may take. If you are successful today, you may be down in the dumps tomorrow… So, shed the unnecessary attitude, Be humble, Thank God for all that he has given you and most importantly, always save for a rainy day! Most importantly, chahe khushi ho ya gham, bus har pal haste jao, muskarate jao!

Ok.. Ok… too much of Gyan I know… But all in all, will wind up by insisting, that the movie is worth a try! Go watch it! 🙂